About National Africa Finance

National Africa Finance is an administrative, factoring company that delivers Working Capital to panel beaters on a national level.


NAF assists panel beaters with working capital to finalise short term insurance claims by means of purchasing outstanding insurance invoices at a discounted rate.

Invoice Discounting is useful tool to manage business transactions whereby an invoice is sold to a third party at a discount to free up daily/weekly or monthly cash flow, payroll and stimulating business growth.


NAF currently focuses on assisting the automotive body repair and other selected industries with administration and liquidity leaving them to focus on their core business of repairing motor vehicles and selected industrial services.

NAF, in cooperation with Spares Warehouse Sales sources spare parts and supplies on behalf of panel beaters and other selected industries.



Benefits of Invoice Discounting:


  • No limitations on workload.
  • Final factoring payment within hours.
  • Improves cash flow.
  • Turnover on insurance claim authorization.
  • Administrative support.
  • Excellent Rebate Opportunities in conjunction with Spares Warehouse Sales.





Any panel beater with a claim willing to cede invoices to National Africa Finance.


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